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Registrations for ETS NA Qualifier #1 open on January 11


Click here to register for the qualifiers.

Step one, create a team

  1. All players of the team need to register user accounts
  2. The captain creates a team at "My teams" in the top panel
  3. The captain invites the other players to the team by their user names
  4. The other players then login and accept the team invites


Step two, register for the qualifier

  1. The captain heads over to the tournament page and click Register
  2. The captain selects which five players of the team will be participating. Six players can be selected to allow one reserve.
  3. By doing so, the captain enters his tag
  4. The other players then login and accept the tournament participation
  5. By doing so, the players enter their tags


Step three, check in

  1. Three hours prior to the qualifier start, the check-in option appears
  2. The captain checks in the team at the tournament page


Who gets to play?

  • The first 16 teams to finish their registrations (having all players accept) are eligible
  • Teams finishing their registration when the ordinary list is full will be marked as Reserves
  • Every team needs to be checked in to play, including Reserves
  • If one or more of the main 16 teams do not check in, Reserves will get to play
  • The higher up a team is on the Reserve list, the bigger the chance for them to play


Qualifier dates

  1. January 16, registrations open January 11
  2. January 23, registrations open January 16
  3. January 30, registrations open January 23
  4. February 6, registrations open January 30
  5. February 13, registrations open February 6
  6. February 20, registrations open February 13
  7. February 27, registrations open February 20
  8. March 5, registrations open February 27



Additional information

  • Qualifiers start at 21:00 CET / 15:00 EST / 12:00 PST
  • Dates for the main event's group stage and playoffs are yet to be announced
  • In case there already is a player or team profile on GosuGamers for you or your team but you lack access to it, send a message our admins on Discord here. Do the same for any other questions, concerns or issues.
  • If there are any questions, concerns or issues, please create a thread in the forums regarding the issue



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